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Oct 16 2012

Reboot and Reuse: Firefly Legal Donates Computers to Trinity Services

Firefly Legal, a national process serving company that is headquartered in Mokena, IL, finds supporting the local communities second-nature. Vice President Matt Massa explained, “Supporting our community allows us to show that we are committed and that we care. It’s in our nature as a family business, and we want people to know that though we operate on a national level, our character is deep-rooted in the local communities that we serve.”

After a recent upgrade, the IT department at Firefly Legal found themselves with a lot of operable computer electronics in good condition. The options were limited: to retire the wares to a technological graveyard or find something else to do with them. Since the items were still functional and only slightly out of date, the IT department took the opportunity to find them a new home.

The perfect fit came with Trinity Services, a local non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities by providing a myriad of support services, including educational programs, therapy, and counseling.  The donation to Trinity Services included 15 flat-panel monitors, 12 computers, five laptops, and one server. Chief Information Officer, Clifton Dillman, headed the donation efforts.

Director of Day Programs and Behavior Analyst at Trinity Services, Inc., Tabitha Schafer, was thrilled about the donation and commented, “The server will be used on the business side, but the other materials will go directly to the clients.” She explained that the laptops will be extraordinarily helpful to those with limited mobility. For example, some of the clients at Trinity have restricted limbs or are in wheelchairs where they cannot easily access the computers. The desktops will open up more learning opportunities because new programming can be installed.

Prior to the donation, the computers that some of the clients used were outdated and limited the options of what programs could be used for learning opportunities.  Schafer explained that the computer donation will be immensely helpful, both with the current software used and additional services that will be offered to their clients.

The donation, valued at nearly $10,000, marks the beginning of a great partnership between Trinity and Firefly Legal. Firefly Legal is happy that not only is there a place for the electronics to go, but that the donation is truly going to benefit a member of the local community.

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