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Nov 27 2012

Firefly Legal Offers Electronic Data Interface to Clients

Are you getting the most from your associate legal services company? Read more to find out how Firefly’s Electronic Data Interface is a step above the rest.

Who is Firefly?

Firefly Legal isn’t just a standard process serving company; we do a lot more. From court filing and document retrieval to loss mitigation and background checks, Firefly Legal is truly a full-service company. With regional offices in four states, and expanding to more, Firefly gives you the opportunity to put a face to a name. We also have a strong network of fully trained and proven process servers throughout the US. So even if we don’t have a brick and mortar office, we can be anywhere you need us to be.

What is Electronic Data Interface?

Beyond that, Firefly offers all of our clients the ability to bridge information with an electronic data interface (EDI). EDIs can be set up to provide real-time data or updated at time intervals; it can be customized to what our clients prefer. No matter when the site is updated, our clients always have access to the data.

And whether or not Firefly creates the software interface, directly connects to your network, or goes through popular third party companies including Net Director, Case Aware, Perfect Practice, and others, Firefly will certainly make sure you’re never left in the dark about the status of your case.

Why set up an EDI?

Efficiency. Taking advantage of this service eliminates the need to call or email for status updates (though customer service associates will still respond to any and all calls or emails) and shortens the wait for affidavits as they can be received immediately. This service saves both companies money by providing a more streamlined process. Keeping you well-informed keeps your clients up to date.

At Firefly, we incorporate the cost of building an EDI with our fees, and with that we offer unlimited customer service by phone or email.

How can I get started with an EDI with Firefly?

Once a client, Firefly Legal can set up an electronic data interface (EDI) typically within a month. Contact us today to let us know that you would like to move forward with this. Of course, if you have questions relating to your firm and how we can make it work, please don’t hesitate to give us a call (877) 963-3534.


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