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May 31 2013

Firefly in the News

What’s new with Firefly? This article is! Have you read it yet?

Seven Ways Firefly Legal Uses Technology to Work Smarter and Innovate in Process Serving, is an article, just published today, that highlights different ways that Firefly stays ahead of the pack and implements technology  into our process serving business.

As process servers, it is important that we stay up to date with all of the latest technology, methods, and regulations in the industry. By being proactive and continually on top of this, we can be leaders in the process serving industry.

Seven ways we use technology includes:

1.) Process Server GPS Routing

2.) Paperless Office

3.) Document Transfers

4.) Data Transfers

5.) Proprietary Process Server Tracking

6.) E-file ready

7.) Companywide Learning Management System

Read the article here to learn more about these seven ways we implement technology in our process service:


May 28 2013

Firefly Celebrates Paralegals

Florida Governor Rick Scott declared May 27th through June 1, 2013 as Paralegals Week. Especially after the change to e-filing, this recognition comes at a great time. Paralegal’s have been given many challenges as the legal system has changed and updated its practices.  You can read the governor’s proclamation of Paralegals Week here

Paralegals serve an integral role within a law firm, providing support, organization, research, and writing for attorneys. Thank you!



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May 23 2013

Trend Watch: Social Media Gains Momentum as Legitimate Source

Social media: it allows people to connect and communicate online, on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In among others. Where does it belong in the legal world?

Today, many people live their lives on social media. It easily provides a snapshot of their life. It tells their story, and for many, it’s a part of who they are. It’s very public and yet very personal. So, as social media permeates much of our lives, our news, and our way of life, why should we continue to eliminate this powerful source of communication as a viable means to communicate legal information, to be involved in the legal process, and be part of the legal industry?  Read on to find out about some recent examples of how social media is beginning to invade the legal industry.

After the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon in April, the Boston PD jumped on to Twitter, informing the public, and in a sense, controlling the conversation. Without joining the conversation, they couldn’t have any iota of input- it was going to happen with or without them. They chose to be involved. Twitter isn’t just for kids anymore. It turned out to be an excellent form of communication and it allowed for real-time updates about the situation as it unfolded. It was definitely appropriate, worthwhile, and it served as an excellent example of how social media can be positive, even during a terrible time, and even for a police department.

Recently, the Chicago Tribune reported that Illinois introduced legislation that would offer stiffer penalties for individuals convicted of using social media to organize flash mob attacks. Social media is in the law books. While the safety of this law is what’s at heart, the public has questioned whether or not this is allowing the government to be too intrusive, as it also allows law enforcement to have access  to location data from Internet Service Providers without a subpoena or a warrant. With social media, privacy is an incredibly fine line that gets blurred, especially from the government. What is personal, what is public? Does this law go too far?

Social media is something that is happening all around us; a phenomenon that is now a part of our culture. But where do we draw the line? As a member of the process serving industry, (and as an individual in marketing) I can honestly say that though I am a big fan of social media, it just can’t replace personal process service. Recall that we identified just reasons why service via social media might not be the best option for superior service by highlighting the challenges that could arise from civil process service via social media. Check out the link in case you missed it.

Again- it’s about choosing where social media is appropriate. The only problem with that is the public can’t seem to unanimously agree. To many in the civil process service field, social media could never replace civil process service the way that we know it. Though clearly, some attorneys are a fan as they are working to introduce it into legislation, and already have in states such as Texas and  Utah. However, that is not to say social media can’t be of any assistance in our industry; many firms that also do skip tracing will use social media to try and locate individuals. Process servers use social media to exchange ideas, to get updates on the industry as legislation is always changing. So, though we don’t want it to take over what we do, it’s intrusion into our industry isn’t wholly unwelcome.

Social media can also serve as a legitimate medium for legal notices in other arenas; for example, legal notices that would otherwise be published in newspapers could potentially be found on Facebook. An example of this appeared on April 2, 2013, the SEC announced that social media is OK for company announcements, so long as investors are alerted. Forbes highlighted in the May 15th article, “The Impact of the SEC’s Social Media Pronouncement” that the impact of this announcement is remarkable, though some companies, such as GE, “would continue to rely on news releases to communicate material information.” And though they may rely on news releases, it doesn’t mean that they won’t include social media as a viable platform to disseminate information. This is a situation where social media can no longer be excluded, yet it definitely can’t replace the current media.

No matter which way you turn, social media is in the process serving industry, in the legal industry, and in the general public. More and more instances are going to come up where social media’s legitimacy is questioned- whether or not it should be legislated, utilized, or even considered a valid source. It’s definitely a trend that commands attention as it is gaining serious momentum.

These were just a few examples; where else have you encountered social media in the legal world and how do you feel about it? Join us on Twitter @fireflylegal to discuss.

process servers and social media

May 7 2013

Civil Process Service Company Serves More Than Due Process

Firefly tries to take part in some type of community service effort on a quarterly basis because it’s important to us that we’re investing in and truly serving our community (…and not just papers). In the past, Firefly Legal has participated in food drives, school supply drives, 5k Walks, fundraisers and benefits. This time, we decided to do something a little bit different.

April went to the dogs… cats, horses, and bunnies, etc. at Firefly Legal. Headquartered in Mokena, IL,

During the months of April and May, many of our offices participated in an animal shelter drive, helping to raise awareness for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Our Illinois offices concluded the shelter drive at the end of April; in Florida, we extended the drive through May. In donating to the shelters, Firefly associates were able to join forces and make a big impact at local shelters; a cause many of the employees were really excited about and passionate about contributing.

Firefly Legal offices donated to:

The Firefly associates from all of the branch offices were excited to participate.  Associates Kristi Lyles of the Affidavits department in Mokena, IL, and Adam Pehas in our IT department of the corporate office donated items to the drive, even though neither currently owns a pet.  In South Carolina, Dawn McCoy regularly contributes to the Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue, and in Illinois, Danielle Loonam volunteers for It’s A Pittie Rescue and even adopted a dog from the organization. Jody Schuldt helped organize the donations at the Mokena, IL satellite office; her team produced a staggering amount of supplies for the Mokena, IL NAWS Illinois Humane Society animal shelter.

And that’s just a small snapshot of the folks at Firefly who were excited to take part in the cause.

Check out our Facebook page, give us a like, and see why our employees donated and to see some of the many items collected.


May 7 2013

Limited Time Only: Firefly Back After a Busy April!

The Fireflies are all back in the office after a very busy couple weeks of conferences. Check out where we’ve been!

Kicking things off was the ALA – Assocation of Legal Administrators Annual Conference, where Firefly’s Stephanie Irvine and Jennifer Dlugolecki attended and exhibited. As exhibitors, we enjoyed excellent networking opportunities and the education sessions. We were able to get out and we actually live tweeted during one of the education sessions led by Kerry Boll! The keynote from Andres Tapia did a great job at getting everyone excited for the rest of the conference. Tuesdays welcoming reception provided good food, entertainment, and the opportunity to meet ALA members from other regions. It was a lot of fun.

Check out some of the pictures from the conference!

Kerry-Boll-ALA-Annual-Conference-2013Kerry-Boll-ALA Civil-Process-Service Process-Servers-In-Chicago Nationwide-Process-Servers Firefly- Legal- Process-Server

  After the ALA Annual Conference, Firefly’s Jennifer Dlugolecki attended the Legal League 100 Servicer Summit, which took place at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas, Texas on April 18. Firefly Legal sponsored the event, which was geared at keeping industry professionals informed on the ever-changing rules and regulations. Check out the Firefly cocktails that were enjoyed during the evening reception!


While we were at the ALA Annual Conference and Legal League 100 Servicer’s Summit, Firefly’s Randy Mucha, Civil Process Supervisor, attended the NAPPS conference, which is a conference held by the National Association of Professional Process Servers that was held in Phoenix, AZ this year.  This conference provided a great opportunity for Firefly to network with other process servers, but more importantly, to stay abreast of all the changes in the industry. Here’s a photo from the event when at the NAPPS conference, ILAPPS was given some recognition!


On Monday, April 22, 2013, Jennifer Dlugolecki attended a fundraiser for State Representative Mike Zalewski. Attendees included Lou Freedman, Bob Markoff, Fred Blitt, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Representative Zalewski is committed to serving Illinois and specifically the southwest suburbs, and has worked on legislation in the collection industry.

photo (2) Mike-Zalewski-Rahm-Emmanuel-Chicago

Jennifer Dlugolecki was also busy attending the Mercy Housing’s Live In Hope Breakfast, a non-profit organization that Firefly Legal sponsors.  The separkers included Tom O’Brien, Leonard Moscicke, Tomeka Spring, Sister Margaret Johnson, Bill Godlsmith, and Cindy Hoiller. Together, the attendees produced $21,650 in pledges and gifts. Mercy Housing helps to provide affordable housing to low-income families, seniors, and people with special needs. Firefly was a sponsor at this breakfast, which took place Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 at Maggiano’s in Chicago.

Where are we going next? Stay tuned to find out…


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