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Jun 12 2013

IL Association of Professional Process Servers Appoints Randy Mucha as Treasurer

On June 12, 2013, during the Illinois Association of Professional Process Servers board meeting,  Firefly Legal’s own Civil Process Supervisor Randy Mucha was appointed to the position of Treasurer of ILAPPS. This position was previously held by current Firefly Legal President Keith McMaster.

ILAPPS is an association of professional process servers who operate in compliance with the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure and all State laws of Illinois. Firefly Legal has been a charter member since the association’s inception.

ILAPPS, first formed in 2010, was created to promote the safety and interest of process servers in Illinois, which it still stands for today. Additionally, ILAPPS seeks to “provide education and training to improve the skills of professional process servers in Illinois and to educate lawmakers on issues that are important to the functions and duties of professional process servers in Illinois.”

ILAPPS is currently working on introducing legislation to allow process servers access to gated communities and buildings with restricted access, and the organization is working on creating an educational program for Illinois Process Servers. As an executive board member, Randy will play an integral role in the association and in making positive changes in the process serving industry.

Randy is a graduate of Lewis University’s Criminal Justice program. He also holds a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from his Alma mater.  Before coming to Firefly, Randy was a sworn Law Enforcement Officer for 20 years; eight of those years he was a K9 handler. At Firefly, Randy is the Civil Process Supervisor and liaison to approximately 1,000 process servers and vendors nationwide.

Firefly has always maintained a membership as well as participated in conference events for state process server associations. Randy recently attended the ILAPPS annual conference in Springfield along with Vincent Searafini of Firefly  in April.  Additionally, Firefly Legal is a proud member of ILAPPS, NAPPS, and FAPPS.

Check out ILAPPS and see what else the association does.


Randy Mucha, Civil Process Supervisor and Vendor Liaison of Firefly Legal; Current Treasurer for ILAPPS

Firefly Legal is a nationwide professional civil process service company, headquartered in Mokena, IL. Established in 1996, Firefly has grown to include 16 offices throughout Illinois, Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.With well over a decade of experience, Firefly is a smart, effective, and proactive civil process company with the technology to handle today’s service and the personality to handle it well.


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  1. I LOVE FIREFLY LEGAL AND RANDY MUCHA! I started working for Randy Mucha / FireFly Legal in 2013 and I am absolutely THRILLED with them! They are prompt, efficient, responsive, personable and professional. Every job is sent with instructions, return fedex labels for affidavits and anything else they can think of to make the service as easy as possible. I have been a process server full time for 5 years and I think that FireFly Legal is at the top of the echelon! They are superb! And I personally appreciate every single serve that they send me as well as working with their personnel. Randy Mucha is wonderful!

  2. Misty Knapp says:

    I love working with Firefly and Randy Mucha! I started working for Firefly in 2012 and love the way they are efficient at sending jobs with complete instructions (there is no guessing and if I have a problem, Randy is available to help me out) and FedEx labels for when something needs to be returned. I would highly recommend using Firefly for all of your service needs. They are prompt.

  3. Dave Luce says:

    I LOVE being a contractor for Firefly Legal!! I started with them in 2012, shortly after I reopened my process serving busness. I have found them and Randy to be nothing but professional. He has always been there whenever I had questions about some of their different court rules, as I serve in Los Angeles, and CA has some much stricter rules for service. With all the craziness going on with some legal service companies, having experienced some of it myself and refused to do it. I am proud to work with a company like Firefly!!

  4. alyssa rakowsky says:

    Congrats Randy! You totally deserve your new title / position. You work so hard and it shows! I have been working for Firefly Legal for almost 5 years and when Randy came on board, I finally felt a sense of organization and had a go-to person. My calls would be responded to promptly and my questions would be answered right away; if he did not know the answers, then he would take the necessary steps to reach the right individual for me. I miss working with him directly since I am an independent contractor and all of my work now comes from Ohio. 🙁 Although the work had slowed a bit in Las Vegas, NV due to some major banks relocating to other cities for service, I am not going anywhere. I have noticed that Randy had been marketing to obtain new avenues and new clients. Thank you for all that you do, Randy.

  5. Bill Clutter says:

    I am looking forward to working with Randy, and the new ILAPPS board. Randy brings new energy to the organization. We are looking to achieve more great things in the upcoming year with Randy on the team.

  6. BRG says:

    Congrats Randy! Firefly picked a great guy when they hired Randy, and so did ILAPPS when they chose him to be treasurer! has worked with Firefly since 2010 and have found them by far the most reputable, straight shooting forwarder any subcontractor could ask for. Our combined work ethic has made working with Firefly the perfect fit. The personal relationships we have developed with Randy and his crew have greatly enhanced our ability to understand, work with, and respond to each others’ needs. We are thankful and look forward to have many more years of working with Firefly, Randy and the rest of the crew.

  7. sirvine says:

    Thanks for your comments! We think Randy is an asset at Firefly, and we’re glad to have him, too. We appreciate all of your kind words!

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