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Aug 7 2013

Civil Process Servers with Family Values

At Firefly Legal, our business values incorporate family values. We’re not just a run of the mill civil process serving company; we handle civil process service where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it- with friendly and professional character. Need civil process service in Illinois? Done. Civil process in Florida? Done. Nationwide? We’ve got it. Our civil process service is top notch and we’re proud of our servers, court filers, and staff who go above and beyond every day.

Today, Firefly Legal stands as a nationwide civil process serving firm with 16 offices. That’s not where we started, however. Firefly started off in 1996 serving papers in Cook County, with its first office in  the south suburbs of Chicago (Alsip, IL to be exact) and operated as a private investigations firm specializing in civil process service. The small process serving firm also started as a father and son business- and it became a family business. Ken and Keith McMaster wanted a business that gave due process to individuals, but more than that, they grew a business that stood out from the rest. Family businesses are unique operations that not everyone can create- it takes a family that shares a passion, and it take smart business practices and conviction. Through hard work and ambitious drive, Firefly grew to become a family business that incorporated values and smart business practices.

When you think of your process server, what values come to mind? Do you think of family values that your parents may have instilled in you- values that you in turn hope to instill in your children? Do you think of integrity? Do you think of honesty? Do you think about a true relationship? Is your server someone who has your back– someone who you know will be on your side to work with you to get things done?

If you’re a client of ours, we hope that you find that we encompass all of those values. We strive to be a true business partner, working to make sure that you’re needs are met. That is one that that we pride ourselves in; this is a business that has family values and  core principles based on building great relationships with our clients. If you’re looking for prompt and professional process servers, we’re here to take care of business. But we’re also here to be your partner.

To those of us at Firefly Legal, a business partner is to collaborate with your law firm- whether its your paralegals or yourself- to make sure that effective civil process is completed in a way that exceeds your needs. We’re on your side, and that makes for shared success. In an industry that is constantly under speculation, Firefly is proud to be a civil process service company with integrity, morals, and honesty.  From our civil process service to our court filing, we want to make sure we accomplish our work according to your service standards.

If you’re interested in becoming a true business partner with Firefly, email and let us enlighten your caseload.




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