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Apr 7 2015

Firefly is Looking for More Process Servers

Due to increasing volume, Firefly Legal is adding individual process servers in the Chicago area (Cook County) and in the greater Rockford area (Whiteside, Carrol, Jo Davies, Stephenson, and Winnebago Counties). We are looking for individuals with a PERC or PI License to server our work. Please e-mail for more information.


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Jan 28 2014

Firefly Announces Major Update

As we continue to focus on making sure that our systems are up to date with the latest technology, we are happy to announce that we have recently implemented a major update.

You may recall that Firefly was the first major process server to modify its processes through technology to require only two copies of complaints when filing new cases with the court. Additionally, we were one of the first process servers to create and use our own process server web app, which helps our servers communicate data from service attempts more quickly and efficiently.

The upgrade to our proprietary document generation program includes the implementation of barcodes, eliminating manual entry and assuring accuracy. Though Firefly continues to audit every single file that comes through our doors, this automated process will cut down on mistakes made by human error and will also increase the speed at which files can be processed.

Keep your eyes peeled as an official press release will follow with more details on this exciting change!



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Jan 14 2014

St. Clair County Now Requires Mediation

Firefly has been notified that St. Clair County has some updated procedures for 2014, along with an increased filing fee. We do our best to keep our clients, colleagues, and industry friends updated with changes as we find out about them.


Mediation went into effect at St. Clair County as of 1/13/2014. The clerks now have to attach mediation documents to all issued summonses. Additionally, the filing fee is going to increase an additional $150.00.

Jan 9 2014

Kane County Foreclosure Summons Changes

At Firefly, we do our best to make sure our clients and colleagues are notified of changes within the courts.


Please be advised that as of  1/1/2014, Kane County has changed the process for filing foreclosure summonses, in addition to raising the fee.

Here’s the official order:




To read the details, download the pdf order from Kane County.

Jan 8 2014

Cook County Municipal Court Update

The New Year has brought about some changes at the Cook County Municipal Court.

Firefly has been advised that as of January 2, 2014, the Chancery, Civil, and Law divisions will now be holding a copy of the Summons (Alias or original) when original documents are filed. Previously, these divisions did not hold a copy.

We do our best to inform our clients and colleagues of changes as we find out about them. For more information, please call the Cook County Court at (312) 603-5030.

If you are interested in civil process service or any of our other services, please feel free to give us a call (877) 963-3534  or contact us

Jan 6 2014



Due to the inclement weather experienced throughout Illinois and Ohio yesterday and today, many court offices throughout IL are closed. Additionally, Fed Ex has reported delays as well. In Northwest Indiana, all roads are closed  and a state of emergency has been declared for the state. As a result of these unforeseen circumstances, several of Firefly’s satellite offices will be closed.

Please contact us at the Corporate Headquarters should you need more detailed information regarding court closures and satellite office closures.

It is anticipated that the offices should resume normal business operations tomorrow, 1/7/2014.

Thank you!



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Nov 15 2013

Will County Strike Likely on Monday

According to the Chicago Tribune, Will County officials will likely be going on strike Monday, November 18th, 2013. Will County employees have been trying to strike a deal with union officials regarding healthcare and pay increases.

Despite the impending strike, the Tribune reported that “County officials said they plan to have county services available Monday even if employees strike. ” However, the article does not speculate what would happen after Monday if the strike took place and went unresolved.

Definitely keep a watchful eye on this topic and prepare for significant delays as a strike could seriously impact court proceedings, filings, and other matters.

Nov 15 2013

Firefly’s Annual Electronics Donation to Trinity Services a Success

Once again, Firefly Legal has made its yearly contribution to Trinity Services, a local non-profit organization that helps people with developmental  disabilities. The organization provides therapy, counseling and other support services, including educational programs.

Firefly makes a point to stay on the forefront of the latest technology, making upgrades and updating computer electronics regularly. This keeps our case management system, process server apps, and  other technology all running smoothly together and working better for our clients. This year’s donation included 3 Laptops, 25 Workstations, 7 Printers, and 38 Monitors. The value of these electronics is estimated at nearly $8,000.

Last year, we spoke with Tabitha Schafer,  the Director of Day Programs and Behavior Analyst at Trinity Services, and she explained that the donation will be immensely helpful for individuals at Trinity. We enjoy doing things to help others in our community, and we’re grateful that we’re still in a position to be able to contribute.



Oct 18 2013

News This Week

Firefly Legal does our best to stay on top of the biggest news stories affecting our industry and the industries we serve. Check out some of the articles we shared this past week.

  • INSIDE ARM: “FDCPA Adds Unnecessary Layers of Collection Rules to Attorneys: Legal Panel”

Accessible online, Friday’s article from Inside Arm took a look into the discussion on the provisions in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which took place at NARCA’s Legal Symposium  earlier this week. The legal panel asserted that the changes “prohibit[s] potentially productive communication.” Be sure to read the article for more information.

  • DS News Loan Mods Rise in August, Foreclosures Remain Steady
DS News reported that  loan modification numbers have risen, outpacing foreclosures. Despite the decrease in foreclosures, there is still an abundant inventory.
  • INSIDE ARM: “‘Precollect’ Causes FDCPA Heartburn for Collectors and Creditors”

FDCPA prohibits “precollect” efforts. This is discussed in a podcast reported on by InsideArm.

  • ACA INTERNATIONAL NEWS: “JPMorgan Chase to Disband Consumer Debt Collection Litigation Unit” 

 After cutting back litigation efforts back in 2011, JPMorgan Chase will shut down its debt collection litigation unit, which employs roughly 100 people.

Student loan debt is up 61% in the last 5 years and are currently at the highest rate since 1995.

Though many markets are still rife with foreclosures, overall foreclosure numbers are showing a steep decline since  this quarter last year.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get the latest industry news from a variety of sources!


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