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Oct 16 2012

Process Servers Giving Back – Firefly Legal

Firefly Legal was recently featured in the Serve Report from Serve Now. The article focused on how and why process servers should give back to their local communities. Firefly Legal makes it part of their mission to support their local communities in any way they can.

Check it out, and be sure to check in with the Serve Report regularly for awesome industry news and information. It’s a great read!

…Here’s the article full text below.

Process Servers Giving Back: Firefly Legal

October 16, 2012  |  by Kimberly Faber  |  Marketing
Firefly Legal Gathered a total of 314
items in their Staples for Students drive.

There are a number of process serving firms out there that take the time to participate in community events, drives, donations, and more. is on a mission to highlight process serving firms that give back to their communities. Keep reading to find out how Firefly Legal gave back to communities in several states.

From August 15th through September 10th, Firefly Legal offices from across the country joined together to participate in the Staples for Students school supply drive. Staples for Students is a nationwide campaign that encourages businesses, celebrities, communities, and more to collect school supplies to be donated to the communities across the country.

Over the two week period, Firefly legal was able to collect over 300 items across multiple offices to be distributed to Staples stores in Illinois, Florida, and Ohio. Firefly Legal Marketing Specialist Stephanie Irvine had a lot to say on why the company participated.

“Participating in the Staples for Students school supply drive was an easy choice because it was an opportunity to make a difference in the educational experience of local kids,” Irvine explained. “Many of us at Firefly are parents, and we know how costly school supplies can be. We just wanted to contribute to a cause in which all of our offices could make a big impact in our local communities.”

The impact came in the form of 314 total items including crayons, book covers, pencils, papers, backpacks, and more. But this isn’t the first time Firefly has given back to the community. In November of last year Firefly’s Tampa office participated in a food drive for Tampa Can Do Attitude. Most recently Firefly Legal donated computer equipment to Trinity Services, a non-profit organization that supports disabled individuals with educational programs, services, and counseling following an upgrade of company equipment. The donation included 15 flat-panel monitors, 12 computers, 5 laptops, and a server.

“We are family people and we care about our community,” Irvine explained. “As a process serving company, we’re not always in the business of delivering good news, so we like to extend a helping hand whenever we can.” She also notes the influence participation in community drives has had on the company, saying, “It helps promote a happy workplace.”

Participating in the Staples for Students school supply drive was an easy choice because it was an opportunity to make a difference in the educational experience of local kids

Stephanie Irvine, Firefly Legal

When asked why they would encourage other process serving firms to conduct donation drives, Irvine replied simply, “Why not? It’s simple to organize and easy to contribute, and these types of events are great for company morale because it gets everyone excited.”

Irvine closed by noting that the Firefly team was joined together for the benefit of communities from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago. “The drive allowed all of our offices to unite on a company-wide scale, but still contribute to their local communities.” Irvine says that although Firefly Legal is a national company, they’re still local guys at heart.

Know a Process Server Who is Giving Back? Let Us Know! is working to highlight process servers that are giving back. Has your process serving firm or a process server you know gone above and beyond to help your community? Contact ServeNow today and share your story!


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