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Mar 6 2013

Firefly Legal has AMAZING Employees!

Luckily, we’re really blessed with a lot of process servers, court filers, skip tracers and support staff who really work hard to make sure that they’re doing a great job. We recently stumbled across this great article, 10 Things Really Amazing Employees Do,  by Kevin Daum. Published in INC. 5000, the article highlights ten traits that “amazing employees do effortlessly.”

Here’s a recap of the 10 points brought forth in the article.

1. Enthusiastically Learn All Aspects of Business

At Firefly, our process servers get to know not only their business of serving papers, but also the courts, how they operate, and who operates them. When they go out court filing, completing a document retrieval, or serving subpoenas, our servers really make sure that they are informed. They know what our client services team needs to get their jobs done, so they make sure to include that information. Cross training is important at Firefly, and many of our employees begin that process on their own.

2. Steward the Company

Our employees treat Firefly like their own because it is our company. As a family business, Firefly tries to make sure people feel right at home and part of the family. Management values what our employees think. Our process servers matter, our in-office folk matter, everyone matters. And because of that environment, people feel invested in Firefly.

3. Generate Viable Opportunities

Everyone works hard to make sure we have business. Without work, we don’t make money. It’s important to all of us, and we all work hard to get our name out there and respect our clients. Especially in this business, reputation goes a long way. A great way to facilitate this is to make sure everyone is fully informed.

4. Resolve Issues Before They Are Issues

Our employees are always suggesting ways to keep improving our procedures and systems. That’s one of the things we love about our staff. Make sure your staff has multiple opportunities to bring forth suggestions and that issues can be resolved soon.

5. Tell It Like It Is

Honesty is important  and great employees know that lying or hiding bad news will never help anyone. A good idea is to keep the lines of communication open so that no employee is fearful of making mistakes. They faster they are addressed, the faster any mistakes can be rectified.

6. Demonstrate High Standards, With Low Maintenance

Everyone at Firefly works hard. And it’s awesome that we never have to worry about that!

7. Grow Themselves, And Others

Our employees inspire each other to do better, work harder, and work smarter. 

8. Research, Apply, and Refine

Nobody knows everything, but we’re always looking up the latest information on the courts to make sure we’re up to date. With the proactive environment, this is definitely a principle that Firefly employees employ.

9. Stimulate Happiness

Find an excuse to smile every day. It’s one of our guiding principles, and we definitely do that daily! 🙂

10.  Facilitate Amazing Bosses

Working positively, smart, and hard makes everyone feel that way.



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