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Jul 12 2013

Employee Appreciation Day!

Today is employee appreciation day at Firefly. Read a note from our Vice President, Matt Massa:

“Today, July 12, we celebrate you, our great employees of Firefly Legal with our annual employee appreciation day. I wanted to take this time to personally thank you all for being a part of our company and working hard at all times. I know things have not gone as well as we might have planned or wished, but without your hard work, we wouldn’t be the company we are today or have the great reputation we have with our clients. I am regularly reminded of this when I read the very frequent client kudos, or talk to your managers about how hard and committed you all are, or make an occasional visit to your office and see how much you care about what it is you do for us. It really is nice to see, among all the changes and adversity we have faced, that you have a smile on your face and are committed to working hard. I appreciate how you represent our company; I talk with enough clients to know and hear how they think of you and how valuable you are to them in helping complete their work with accuracy and efficiency. We know we cannot always be perfect, but you strive to get it right and think about our clients when you do it. That means a lot to them and to us.

Thank you for being the type of employee that lives according to our promise and vision. I celebrate you and thank you for being a part of it all! I hope you enjoy the good eats and sweet treats we have supplied. I’m glad this year you were able to vote for the type of food you wanted, too, and we’re happy to be giving away prizes and gift cards in a raffle. Know that all of you deserve this day and more. Again, enjoy it and know that you are appreciated by myself, the ownership, and the management!”

-Matt Massa, Vice President

 Check out the fun that we had! With great food, bags, and a raffle, we all had a little bit of fun!




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