Process Servers in Cleveland, OH

Our experienced and knowledgeable process servers handle the entire service, serving individuals wherever necessary. When recipients prove difficult to track down, our skip tracing services facilitate successful process serving.

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Cleveland Process Server

With operations in Cleveland and the surrounding counties, Firefly Legal has provided dedicated process-serving support to legal professionals since 1996. We understand the burden that legal document service adds to your workload and expenses. That’s why, when you use our team for service of process, you can focus on your core responsibilities rather than tracking down defendants.

We serve papers in all of the places where it is legal to do so:

  • Workplaces
  • Places of residence
  • Jails and prisons
  • Public places
  • Offices of legal representatives
  • Anywhere else legally accessible

In addition to lawyers, many other professionals may need to hire one or more process servers, including private investigators, government agencies, collections companies, and more.

Process Server in Cleveland, OH
Who hires process servers in Cleveland?

What to Expect When You Work With Firefly Legal’s Process Servers in Cleveland, OH

Why are our clients so happy with our services?

That’s because we hire only the best process servers. Whether you’re interacting with a specific process server or one of our office staff, you can expect:

  • Excellent communication
  • Unparalleled professionalism
  • Fast results
  • Reduced amounts of paperwork
  • Impeccable accuracy
  • Efficient service of process

Our clients are represented among Cleveland’s leading law firms, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and more. They count on us to provide timely, accurate, and professional services. You can count on our team to resolve your Ohio service of process needs in a way that leaves you saying, “That was easier than I ever thought it could be!”

Our Core Values at Firefly Legal: Professionalism & Integrity

Since we first launched our business in 1996, we have built a foundation on our core values of professionalism and integrity.

We promptly and effectively serve every client with a personal, responsive, and appreciative attitude.

We hope you never have a problem with our work, but if you encounter an issue, please let us know right away! We will always do everything we can to make it right.

Our Reputation in Cleveland, OH

If our core values are our foundation, our reputation is based on our high success rates, excellent customer service, and use of technology.

As an essential part of Cleveland’s legal community, we are proud of our accomplishments, including the fact that we:

  • are a Fannie Mae-approved vendor
  • have an A+ BBB rating
  • hold SOC2 Type 1 certification

Our national presence across the US gives our process servers plentiful opportunities to network and connect. We ask our servers to participate in civil process service organizations, industry events, and specialized training. We also make sure that members of Firefly Legal are present at conferences for industries that use process servers, including foreclosures, collections, and subrogation.

How We Use Technology to Ensure Accuracy

How did we build such an excellent reputation in Cleveland and beyond? In addition to providing our process servers with excellent training, we also harness technologies that make our work faster and more accurate. In fact, we were among the first in the process-serving industry to adopt technology innovations that are commonplace today!

Our use of technology allows us to provide:

  • Real-time updates to our clients
  • Pre-skip work as needed
  • GPS coordinates for our process servers
  • Easily accessible photos with detailed descriptions (leading to more confident and accurate identification)
  • Third-party case management software
  • Electronic Data Interface bridging

Most of this is delivered via our proprietary Firefly Legal mobile app, which our process servers use to provide clients with consistent results. Because we have digitized much of the service of process, we keep cases moving forward all the time

What Our Clients Have to Say

We make your job easier by staying current with the changes and trends in our industry. We are constantly assessing our services and evaluating our process servers because we believe it’s important to always be improving.

Check out what our clients have to say about our services!

The attorneys at Henschel & Beinhaker PA:

“Overall, Firefly has drastically helped with efficiency of the service process in our office. They have extremely fast turnaround times with getting things filed and out for service, a very attentive detail-oriented staff, which is very helpful and responsive to all messages, their servers have done great so far in locating defendants and getting them served quickly, and an added plus is their website which is very user friendly and straightforward to use. Overall, I would give Firefly an A+ grade, keep up the good work.”

Mark Arvonitz, LPA of Reimer, Arnovitz, Chernek & Jeffrey Co:

“Collaborating with Firefly has been a tremendous asset. They go beyond the scope of the job by acting as consultants to my firm and advising us on how we can work together to improve our processes and business.”

Shawn Davis of the Joye Law Firm, LLP:

“The work done by Firefly is truly phenomenal. The fast and competent manner in which all requests are handled, whether process serving or a skip trace, is amazing. It is comforting to know that when a request is given to them, I can rest assured that it will be carried out professionally and timely without further follow-up. It makes the work done in the legal field more efficient and cost-effective.”

Check out more statements from our satisfied clients on our Client Testimonials page!

What do Cleveland Process Servers Do?

An individual who works as a process server is a neutral third party in a legal dispute who serves important legal documents and paperwork to defendants.

Because legal documents can’t be sent through the regular mail, dropped off on a doorstep, or delivered to an assistant, lawyers and other professionals hire process servers to deliver the documents directly to their defendants.

To be a process server, one must:

  • Locate and confirm the identity of the defendant(s) being served
  • Abide by all applicable Ohio laws guiding the service of process
  • Correctly deliver the legal documents to the defendant(s)
  • Record proof of timely delivery
  • Observe legal details to avoid hindering the court case
  • Complete extensive training on proper service of process protocols

Ohio-Specific Process Serving Laws

Every state has slightly different rules and regulations for process servers.

Here are just a few of the laws that our servers know inside and out:

  1. Process servers do not need to be licensed. There is no licensing requirement to be a process server in Ohio. However, there are rules for how process must be served.
  2. Personal service requires delivering documents directly to the defendant. For personal service, the process server must locate the defendant and hand them the legal documents.
  3. Residence service means leaving documents at the defendant’s home. For residence service, the process server leaves the documents with a competent resident at the defendant’s usual place of residence.
  4. If service is refused, the server must note this and the clerk attempts ordinary mail service. If the defendant refuses service, the process server notes this on the documents. The court clerk then attempts service by ordinary mail.
  5. Publication service for unknown addresses follows specific posting rules. If the defendant’s address is unknown, the rules dictate posting notices at the courthouse and in the newspaper for 6 consecutive weeks.
  6. Out-of-state defendants can be served by certified mail. For out-of-state defendants, Ohio courts can authorize service via certified mail with return receipt to an address provided by the plaintiff.
  7. Subpoenas also require personal delivery to the named person. Subpoenas must be personally served to the named recipient through delivery by hand, reading it aloud to them, or leaving it at their residence.
  8. Objections to subpoenas must be served in writing within 14 days. The subpoena recipient can serve written objections on the issuing attorney within 14 days of receiving the subpoena.
  9. Courts can sanction those who disobey subpoenas without valid excuses. Failure to comply with a subpoena without an adequate excuse can be punished as contempt of court.
  10. Any privilege exemptions to subpoenas must be expressly made and supported. If withholding subpoenaed materials due to privilege, the claim must be made explicitly with a written description justifying it.

Serve Defendants right the first time.

Being a leader in the civil process service industry means providing our clients with unparalleled integrity, excellence, and reliability.


Why Your Cleveland Business Should Choose Firefly Legal

We are Cleveland’s premier provider of process servers, and we will do everything in our power to serve your documents and keep your cases moving.

When you choose Firefly Legal, your contract is fully customizable to your needs. Your contract may include the following (and more):

  • Service of process
  • Filing required court documents
  • Affidavits and case reporting
  • Online client portal access
  • Electronic copies of materials
  • Dedicated support team for inquiries and status updates
  • Due diligence preparation
  • Digital invoicing
Why your Cleveland business should choose Firefly Legal

Who Hires Process Servers in Cleveland?

Most of our clients are lawyers and law firms, but we also work with professionals from several other industries.

  • Government agencies need process servers to formally execute court orders, tax liens, eviction notices, and other legal actions.
  • Corporations may hire servers for legal service of process, including business disputes, intellectual property cases, contract enforcement matters, and more.
  • Insurance companies rely on process servers to legally notify parties about claims disputes, subrogation rights, policy terminations, and other issues.
  • Collection agencies depend on process servers to formally deliver legal documents such as demand letters, lawsuits, wage garnishments, and more to recover unpaid debts.
  • Property managers use servers to officially notify tenants about overdue rent, lease violations, evictions, and related disputes.
  • Private investigators work with process servers to gather evidence by issuing subpoenas requesting information, records, testimony, and more.
  • Individual citizens can utilize process servers without a lawyer for small claims suits, family court documents, probate matters, and other legal processes.

We don’t just provide process servers. We also offer:

Our Cuyahoga County process servers are ready to step in when you need them!

Contact Firefly Legal for a Free Quote

Your legal case is dependent upon accurate and timely service of process. At Firefly Legal, we will work closely with you to provide the best possible service outcomes. You will be able to track your success by checking the status of your case.

Our process servers provide live updates throughout their assignments, which means you will always have up-to-date information.

When you need a process server in Cleveland and the surrounding counties, choose Firefly Legal. That means choosing high standards, exceptional professionalism, and great outcomes.

Contact us today or request your free quote by filling out our online form!


Raising the Bar

Firefly audits every file coming in and going out without slowing down the process. We believe our attention to detail is unique to the industry and brings a high level of accuracy to our clients. We demand perfection!


What do our Satisfied Customers Say?


Our firm handles a high volume caseload and Firefly has been instrumental in developing systems that are efficient, yet maintain a high degree of quality control. Firefly’s team is innovative and adaptable to help us meet the needs of our clients, and has utilized creative solutions to help navigate the ever-changing legal landscape.

Joel Knosher, Attorney Denzin Soltanzadeh LLC


Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Firefly for several years now. Firefly’s customer service and response times are outstanding. Firefly’s web portal is extremely user-friendly, and the file information is always up to date. In addition to placing file updates on their web portal, Firefly also sends email updates, which is extremely convenient and allows us to easily save updates to our electronic files. Firefly also provides our firm with quarterly client reports that provide us with important details on our files, such as status updates and analytics, which are invaluable from a practice management standpoint. We truly enjoy working with Firefly and consider them a valued vendor partner!

Albertelli Law Partners Ohio – Tony Scarlato, Ohio Managing Partner


It was a pleasure working with the Firefly team for this years audit. Firefly was very responsive, professional and thorough in both their initial questionnaire as well as all follow-ups. Firefly’s compliance and security controls are both on point. I look forward to our continued relationship and working with them on the compliance audit in 2021.

Stefanie Rudy, Compliance Manager – Diaz Anselmo & Associates P.A.


Overall Firefly has drastically helped with efficiency of the service process in our office. They have extremely fast turnaround times with getting things filed and out for service, a very attentive detail oriented staff which is very helpful and responsive to all messages, their servers have done great so far in locating defendants and getting them served quickly, and an added plus is their website which is very user friendly and straight forward to use. Overall I would give Firefly an A+ grade, keep up the good work.

Henschel & Beinhaker, P.A.


“Thank you for working so hard for/and with us to ensure the filings are getting done timely. I know it can get a little crazy sometimes with these FHA deadlines and we appreciate you always working with us to ensure the deadlines are getting met.”

Anselmo Lindberg & Associates LLC


I wanted to thank you for the expeditious manner in which you handled obtaining the court date and filing the documents at the Bridgeview courthouse.  You saved us a lot of aggravation and our client a lot of money. We will definitely be using Firefly Legal in the future. Thanks again.



Enlighten your caseload.

Firefly takes pride in putting our clients first. We are dedicated to delivering results and becoming a valued partner to you and your company. See why Firefly has become one of the nation’s most trusted legal service providers today.

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