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Technology and innovation are a central focus for Firefly.

We’re constantly evaluating our processes to see how technology can improve them. As the process service industry changes, we’re ready to meet the new demands. Our powerful proprietary case management system keeps our clients up to speed with what we’re doing while our process servers use our Process Server Web App to log in service attempt details– all of which is done in real time. Internally, we’re advocates of jumping ahead of technology, like with our use of electronic data imaging (EDI) and barcodes as integral parts of work processes.  Firefly Legal will not become obsolete.

We’re proud to be game changers in the industry with the technology that we have brought forth. Check out what we offer your firm that’s unlike any other civil process service firm.

Proprietary Case Management System

Civil process service is a unique field, and it requires a system that’s completely customized for what we need- and more importantly, what we need to do for our clients.  Our software allows us to process work expeditiously and efficiently. Excellence in client service is of utmost importance, and we know that we have to handle the files we are entrusted with care.

Client Website

You may have seen the Client Login button on our header. That’s a specific, secure website for our clients to be able to access their files with a unique individual user name and password. No need to wait until the office is open- you can access the status of your file at any time. We know that our clients work around the clock and often need information after hours. Access updated service attempt details and more on Saturday, Sunday, holidays, etc. Our Client Website never closes. Beyond just status, our clients can access and download service affidavits and invoices.

Electronic Data Imaging (EDI) 

As a leader in the industry, Firefly was one of the first in the industry to use electronic data imaging  and electronic data transfers (also known as bridging) to allow for seamless transitions between our clients who access the files and our personnel who handle them as well. No need for confusion as a bridge between Firefly and your firm can work effortlessly. And in the event that a glitch appears, our IT team is ready to assist you. Read more about this and about other ways that Firefly uses technology smarter here.


In an industry where speed and accuracy are key, we’ve implemented barcodes to help automate some of our data entry. This means that information is uploaded with speed and is error-free. But don’t worry, we’re not just trusting the computers- we personally audit every file before it goes back to our clients.

Process Server Web App

Civil process servers need to be able to log their attempt details on the go. It’s more efficient for clients to have real-time updates, and we made it a priority to give that to clients. First launching in 1997, Firefly’s Process server web app was the first of its kind in the industry. Today, the app allows for more accurate descriptions with the ability to upload pictures and automatically log GPS coordinates. You can read more about our app here.