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Firefly Legal offers a variety of associate legal services, including process serving, skip tracing, court filing, document retrieval, loss mitigation, property checks, and more in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Hillsborough County, and nationwide.

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Tampa Process Server

As an attorney in Tampa, Florida, you need a reliable, trustworthy, and competent process server to ensure your cases begin seamlessly. If your process server fails to work quickly and within legal compliance, you may find your case is delayed, or that you face significant consequences.

So how can you ensure you develop a professional relationship with the right process serving company? You need process servers with a proven track record and the ability to customize solutions to meet your needs.

Legal documents may include subpoenas, summonses, complaints, writs, or other court-related documents.
In many jurisdictions, personal service is required.

What You Need to Know About Tampa Process Serving

Although process serving may seem like an easy task, the ramifications of an inept or inefficient process server in Tampa could be catastrophic for attorneys. You may be left with irate clients or a case that can no longer proceed.

Legally, you’re also required to use an unbiased, third party process server services in Florida to handle delivery of your vital documents. You need a professional process serving team with comprehensive knowledge of local, national, and state laws.

At Firefly Legal, our commitment to excellence and our established partnerships with lawyers nationwide informs our proven track record of confidentiality and professionalism. We utilize the latest industry best practices and technological advancements to customize process serving solutions that meet your needs.

Why You Should Use Firefly Legal

Where can you turn for professional process servers with a complex understanding of the law and a dedicated passion for excellence? For over 25 years, Firefly Legal has worked with Tampa attorneys and attorneys nationwide to ensure high-caliber process servers.

Recently, Firefly Legal has made major technological advances to ensure we meet the best industry standards and we’re committed to ensuring your process serving is seamless and expedient.

Our Tampa process servers understand industry practices, possess a thorough knowledge of the law, and will work with painstaking detail and sensitivity. Your case cannot begin to travel through legal channels until named defendants have been served. Our “fireflies” are devoted to quick and reliable service of your legal documents.

Firefly Legal Process Servers in Tampa

You shouldn’t have to worry about efficiently serving time sensitive legal documents on top of the pressure of building your legal case. We’ll work alongside you to ensure you have the peace of mind necessary to focus on strengthening your case.

We understand the commitment and passion lawyers have for seeking justice for their clients. Any outsourced legal services you need should provide the same commitment to your clients. You need honest and competent process servers.

Our Firefly Legal process servers in Tampa can provide:

Accuracy and attention to detail:
Accuracy is paramount to effective process serving. For example, if you hire a process serving team that misidentifies your intended recipient, you could face severe delays in the progress of your case.

Similarly, attention to detail is a vital skill for a successful process server. The smallest details cannot be overlooked.

At Firefly Legal, our attention to detail and commitment to accuracy begins immediately after you retain our services until we have proof of legal document delivery.

  • Committed best practices:
    As technology rapidly evolves, so do the industry standards for process serving, skip tracing, filing court documents, and more. Firefly Legal process servers remain committed to evolving with new trends and the utilization of new technology. We adhere to the standards needed to remain an industry leader, and are committed to innovative solutions.
  • Compliance:
    Florida and Tampa have specific laws related to outsourced legal services, including document filing, process serving, and skip tracing. Our professional team will always remain in compliance with local, national, and state regulations, and remain up-to-date with any changes in the law.
  • Discretion and sensitivity:
    Civil cases often involve deep emotions for the parties involved. That’s why it’s vital that process serving is handled with care. For example, serving divorce papers to a defendant at a very public event may not look favorable for you or your client. We’re committed to using discretion and the level of sensitivity needed for your case. We’ll adhere to any specified instructions you may require for delivery of legal documents. can prove extremely sensitive.
  • Effectiveness:
    We use multiple methods to ensure we can efficiently pinpoint an accurate location for the recipient of your documents. We ensure that documents are served as soon as possible, and our team is thoroughly trained for each step of the process.
  • Excellence, integrity, and reliability:
    The process serving team at Firefly Legal are dedicated to working with excellence, integrity, and reliability. We will never use underhanded practices or cut legal corners.
  • Nationwide availability:
    Firefly Legal process services are available nationwide. If a named defendant in your case moves to another city or state, we can help locate them and ensure they receive your legal documents.
  • Reliable partnerships:
    We understand the vital nature of relationships with Tampa-based attorneys. Our working relationships develop with trust and reliability. We’ll ensure that we customize solutions to meet your needs, and prove that you can count on our services.
  • Skip tracing services:
    Unfortunately, people may be aware of looming civil cases and could attempt to avoid being served. Firefly Legal provides excellent skip tracing methods, including confidential database searches and online deep dives that trace the greatest probability of contact.
  • Technological solutions:
    Innovative solutions are paramount in the legal industry. Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace and offers tools that can equip us to provide expedient and effective results.

Process Serving Recipients in Tampa

The recipients of a process server in Tampa can vary from named individuals in a civil case to corporations to government organizations. It’s vital that a process server correctly identifies a recipient — for example, a corporation may have a designated representative to be served.
A Tampa process server can deliver to the following:

  • Private citizens
  • City officials
  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions such as universities
  • State governments

Serve Defendants right the first time.

Being a leader in the civil process service industry means providing our clients with unparalleled integrity, excellence, and reliability.


Why Attorneys Need a Process Server

Your legal documents form the cornerstone of your case. In the busy legal landscape of Tampa. It’s crucial for attorneys to adhere to process serving regulations to ensure the seamless progression of civil cases.

To maintain the legal sanctity of your proceedings, it’s imperative to entrust your documents to a certified process server. Even the strongest case could fall apart if process serving isn’t handled correctly.

Firefly Legal is your gateway to a streamlined legal journey in Tampa. Our team of exceptional process servers not only promptly delivers your legal paperwork, but also guarantees that the delivery is verified to safeguard the integrity of your case.

We understand the pulse of the legal community, and offer a variety of services to help attorneys in Tampa succeed. Our team can track down defendants swiftly, serve legal papers with precision, and operate with the utmost discretion and reliability.

It’s imperative that you choose a process serving partner that not only meets, but exceeds, your expectations.

Process servers maintain detailed records of their activities and any relevant details about the recipient's response.

Process Serving Regulations in Tampa

The laws pertaining to process servers in Tampa and in Florida are fairly straightforward, but it’s important that the legal services company you utilize employs a team of knowledgeable people who can remain in legal compliance in every process serving situation.

In Tampa, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is solely responsible for serving the following summons and subpoenas that could impact your case:

  • State witness subpoenas
  • Notices of wage garnishment from the government
  • Writ of possession
  • Writ of replevin (returning property to its rightful owner)

Florida law requires that all other process servers are certified, unbiased third parties.
Florida statutes Title VI and 48.021–48.31 also state the following:

  • You cannot serve legal documents on a Sunday (48.20)
  • Parents or legal guardians of a minor, named defendant must be served any documents pertaining to the child’s case (48.041)
  • A process server can directly deliver to a state prisoner (48.051)
  • Only full-time Florida residents can serve legal documents, and must be certified by the courts (48.021)
  • Only a labor union head may accept served documents pertaining to the union (48.141)
  • Processes on out-of-state individuals or corporations doing business in Florida must be served to a representative of these parties in Florida (48.071)

Contact Firefly Legal in Tampa

At Firefly Legal, we’re proud of our proven track record as a leader in the process serving industry. Nationwide, we continue to partner with attorneys to provide innovative legal service solutions and reliable services. We’re an SOC 2 certified company and are committed to the highest industry standards.

Our company is built on a foundation of civil service, honesty, and efficiency. Along with process serving, we can handle your court filings, document retrieval, and skip tracing needs, along with many additional legal services, and will update your process serving status in real time.

Our relationship with attorneys allows us to help deliver innovative and personalized solutions that suit their individual needs. If you need an excellent process server in Tampa, FL, we’ve got you covered.

Connect with us today and let us take care of your time sensitive paperwork so that you can focus on the fight for justice in your case.

*Contact Firefly at (877) 963-3534 for specifics about your local courts


Raising the Bar

Firefly audits every file coming in and going out without slowing down the process. We believe our attention to detail is unique to the industry and brings a high level of accuracy to our clients. We demand perfection!


What do our Satisfied Customers Say?


Our firm handles a high volume caseload and Firefly has been instrumental in developing systems that are efficient, yet maintain a high degree of quality control. Firefly’s team is innovative and adaptable to help us meet the needs of our clients, and has utilized creative solutions to help navigate the ever-changing legal landscape.

Joel Knosher, Attorney Denzin Soltanzadeh LLC


Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Firefly for several years now. Firefly’s customer service and response times are outstanding. Firefly’s web portal is extremely user-friendly, and the file information is always up to date. In addition to placing file updates on their web portal, Firefly also sends email updates, which is extremely convenient and allows us to easily save updates to our electronic files. Firefly also provides our firm with quarterly client reports that provide us with important details on our files, such as status updates and analytics, which are invaluable from a practice management standpoint. We truly enjoy working with Firefly and consider them a valued vendor partner!

Albertelli Law Partners Ohio – Tony Scarlato, Ohio Managing Partner


It was a pleasure working with the Firefly team for this years audit. Firefly was very responsive, professional and thorough in both their initial questionnaire as well as all follow-ups. Firefly’s compliance and security controls are both on point. I look forward to our continued relationship and working with them on the compliance audit in 2021.

Stefanie Rudy, Compliance Manager – Diaz Anselmo & Associates P.A.


Overall Firefly has drastically helped with efficiency of the service process in our office. They have extremely fast turnaround times with getting things filed and out for service, a very attentive detail oriented staff which is very helpful and responsive to all messages, their servers have done great so far in locating defendants and getting them served quickly, and an added plus is their website which is very user friendly and straight forward to use. Overall I would give Firefly an A+ grade, keep up the good work.

Henschel & Beinhaker, P.A.


“Thank you for working so hard for/and with us to ensure the filings are getting done timely. I know it can get a little crazy sometimes with these FHA deadlines and we appreciate you always working with us to ensure the deadlines are getting met.”

Anselmo Lindberg & Associates LLC


I wanted to thank you for the expeditious manner in which you handled obtaining the court date and filing the documents at the Bridgeview courthouse.  You saved us a lot of aggravation and our client a lot of money. We will definitely be using Firefly Legal in the future. Thanks again.



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